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Buffalo Systems comes to .ie

There is no advertising needed for those that have used it, but in Ireland it is not widely available.
Buying a jacket that will last you a lifetime is an important decision
Read these independent article/reviews of the clothing if you need information or convincing that a Soft Shell is for you.

Or Visit the Buffalo systems to review the Double-P system

Then get in touch if you are interested in trying a different approach than multi-layered clothing and a hard shell.

Love to my club

Buffalo Systems has been part of my outdoor climbing life , for more than 30 years. For nearly 10 of them I have been deeply involved with the Irish Mountaineering Club and built such strong friendships that only come from sharing a rope.
This company was born from the idea about giving back to friends a jacket worthy of the club Logo.

Respect to clothing

Buffalo is one of the very few outdoor clothing brands still manufacturing in the UK in Sheffield. I am not a hypocrite. I have clothing from other very good companies that mass produce in Asia, but it feels good to support clothing that has longevity and provides jobs for local people.